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  • leukosarcoma — leu·ko·sar·co·ma or chiefly Brit leu·co·sar·co·ma .lü kō sär kō mə n, pl mas also ma·ta mət ə lymphosarcoma accompanied by leukemia leu·ko·sar·co·ma·to·sis or chiefly Brit leu·co·sar·co·ma·to·sis sär .kō mə tō səs n, pl to·ses .sēz …   Medical dictionary

  • leukosarcoma — leu·ko·sarcoma …   English syllables

  • Reed-Sternberg cell — A type of cell that appears in patients with Hodgkin s disease. The number of these cells increases as the disease advances. * * * Reed Stern·berg cell rēd stərn bərg n a binucleate or multinucleate acidophilic giant cell found in the tissues in… …   Medical dictionary

  • leucinuria — The excretion of leucine in the urine. * * * leu·cin·uria .lü sə n(y)u̇r ē ə n the presence of leucine in the urine Each boldface word in the list below is a chiefly British variant of the word to its right in small capitals. leucoagglutinin… …   Medical dictionary

  • leukosarcomatosis — noun see leukosarcoma …   Useful english dictionary

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